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ND Mentoring

Grounded, guided, growing

Marina King

Empowering neurodivergent minds to thrive

Looking for empathetic guidance  and practical solutions from someone who understands the specific obstacles faced by neurodivergent individuals in today’s society? I offer collaborative and creative mentoring and  coaching, with an esoteric perspective that is tailored to your unique needs.

Mentoring & Coaching

Collaborative, creative mentoring and coaching, with a sprinkle of esoteric awareness, that is responsively designed to your unique needs and preferred outcomes.

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 Marina is brilliant; my meetings with her are the highlight of my week. Her own (highly relevant) lived experience underpins all the advice that is given. As a result, the support that she gives is effective and holistic.” HW

If you’ve been wanting to experience my Specialist Neurodivergent-Affirming Mentoring, but have been waiting for a sign, this is the sign! Book now for an informal, complimentary 30-minute video chat.

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    Grow resilience, strength and personal power with nd mentoring

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